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Wed 13th Nov 2019

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Illustrated guide to using Pera-Pera Japanese

You should have first completed the registration and login process - these need little explanation. When registering, the email address you provide will be sent an activation link, much like some online forums and other sign-up procedures. Click the provided link, or paste it into your browser to activate your Pera-Pera Japanese account.

Although the first two modules are provided for free, one of the first things you will need to do is purchase some credits so that you can add more modules to your account. To do this, first click on the Get New Modules menu item on the left.

Once you have clicked Get New Modules, you will see an area to purchase credits. Payments are handled securely by PayPal, the world's most popular online payment system. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase credits; this system also accepts credit/debit cards worldwide. Enter the amount of credits you wish to purchase, then click Buy Credits. You will then be taken through the PayPal payment system.

Once completed, you will be directed back to the main page of the site. Click Get New Modules again, and your newly purchased credits will be displayed. If not, it should update in a minute or two, depending on how busy PayPal is. If after five minutes your credits have not appeared, contact us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

Now you have some credits, you can add modules to your account. Modules are split into two parts: a master symbol submodule, which contains all the characters you will need for that module, and one or more vocabulary submodules, which will build upon the symbols you have learnt. All submodules have an associated code-name, which is a letter followed by a number. The letter can be S (for symbol) or V (for vocabulary) and the number is simply for identification. These code-names are displayed next to every submodule, and are used throughout the site to reference them.

Select the submodule or submodules you wish to purchase, then click Purchase. Note that the first vocabulary submodule of every module is free, and does not cost any credits to purchase - however it is of little use without the associated symbol submodule. Should you have sufficient credits, you will be presented with a message stating that the modules will now be accessible from the Select Module menu item.

You should now click Select Module. You will be presented with a screen where you may select from the modules you have active in your account, along with options on how to proceed with the test for that module.

It is very important that you learn a symbol submodule before you tackle the associated vocabulary submodules. Should you have not completed (got a score of 100%) a symbol module before you attempt an associated vocabulary submodule, the site will warn you at the top of the screen during the test.

The default options will suit most users, and are recommended to maximumise learning potential, however Pera-Pera Japanese is flexible.

You may have the symbol shown and the English hidden, or the other way around. You can also choose one of three different progression strategies. These determine how the site will choose the next item in the test.

  • Intelligent progression will move randomly through the module, however as your score increases, it picks out the items which you are having difficulty with, while reducing the chance of you seeing an item which you know well.
  • Linear progression will not apply any kind of intelligent logic to the test, and will proceed from the first to the last item, much like many existing flashcard systems.
  • Recommended progression combines linear progression with intelligent logic to present the best method of learning. The module will progress from the first to the last item as per Linear, but the probability of the next item will be determined by how well you know it.

Once you have made your choices, click Begin! to start the test.

The test screen is laid out to be instantly intuitive. You will be presented with an item from the submodule you selected (generally the first item), the data for that item - symbol, pronunciation, translation and mnemonic, depending on the type of submodule and the options you selected. You are to try and identify the item from the given data, then grade your results with the coloured buttons below. At any time you may reveal the answers, so the test is based on your honesty! Once you have graded the item, the submodule will move onto the next item.

Beneath are other controls and information about the current module. Your overall score is kept as a percentage of the module complete. There are also controls to manually skip through the items without grading them.

All the time you are logged in, your overall scores will be tracked on the right of the screen. The progress bar will change size and colour, depending on how far through the submodule you are. Each progress bar will be arranged by how recently you last graded an item on that submodule. Clicking on the code-name next to a bar will bring up the Select Module page, with the submodule you clicked already selected. This is an easy way of going back and forth through the various modules you are currently working on.

The whole site is designed with ease of use in mind, and it is quick and easy to navigate. Despite the simplicity, this system is very efficient, and specifically targets the way that the human brain processes and stores information. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know them by contacting us. We hope you enjoy the site and find it both useful and enjoyable!

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